My name is Lilah and this wasn’t supposed to be my life.

I had to leave home immediately. Get far away as I could from the four walls I shared with my so-called mother.

I arrived in Gentian the day of my eighteenth birthday. To spend time with Gram, get through my Senior year, and graduate with my best friend, Val. My plans did not include weird, prophetic dreams…or falling for the guy in the starring role.

But when he walked straight out of those dreams I couldn’t deny him. He was real…and in that moment everything changed. I was drawn deep and held firm by his gravity 〜 close enough to find out all his secrets. I should’ve walked away the minute I realized he was something more than human, but I couldn’t.

I knew nothing of the darker secrets he kept hidden. Secrets that might take away everything I never asked for…but now I can’t be without.

Secrets that I’m terrified will end the life I’m just beginning to live.



ASbooklinkAs a ministerial daughter, Synda May Ivey has a duty to her family and to all of Floridian-but she has no interest in galas, garden parties, and high-tech society life.

With everything in disarray after her father’s death, marriage to her aristocratic childhood friend is the last thing she wants. After escaping to a world of simplicity in the low-tech tractlands, life couldn’t be more perfect. Silver Glen is everything she’d hoped for, and Wilken Kirby might help her forget about the noble Everton Greer.

But with her overbearing stepfamily in pursuit and her true identity cloaked in deception, her two worlds may not stay separate for long. Having seen her nation through different eyes, she may find it difficult to choose freedom and love over duty.




CWSmallDo you like me? Check yes or no. When sixteen-year-old Emma Jordan unexpectedly runs into her childhood crush, Jace Brown, old feelings come surging back to life with new intensity.

As the snow falls and winter closes in, Emma’s world opens up as she navigates first love, changing friendships, and family tension. But young love rarely lasts forever. As Jace deals with changes in his own life and follows his dreams, will their relationship stand the test of time?

Or will Jace keep drifting in and out of Emma’s life just like the colder weather?